Indian Gay Erotica: The Dark Alleys of Laxmi Nagar: 3

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Indian Gay Erotica: The Dark Alleys of Laxmi Nagar: 3

Indian Gay Erotica: There were no furniture in H and V’s flat expect for the basic mattresses, kitchen stuff, fridge etc. Everyone sat down for dinner on the floor in the lobby next to the open balcony. There were 6 of us. We had finished our food, but were too engrossed in conversations to get up and wash our hands. Right then, there was a distant sound of minor explosion outside and the power went out. Everyone groaned and grumbled. Apparently the local electricity transformer was too old and kept breaking down. Which meant the power wasn’t coming back until it gets fixed the next morning. And it was a warm muggy August evening.

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Everyone got up, washed their hands, cleared the food and utensils and returned back to the lobby floor and spread out. The only faint light and a light breeze came through the balcony. The guys kept complaining how for once they would like to sleep peacefully, at least on a long weekend. Everyone was wearing shorts and tshirts/shirts. While talking S took off his tshirt and started wiping his face with it. You are reading the hot Indian gay erotica only on

V asked me if it was okay if he also took off his tshirt, because apparently all the boys are usually roaming around in their undies. It was mainly because I was there, that everyone was trying to appear more civilized. Although I did find the gesture endearing, I nonchalantly replied, why the fuck would I mind? Hearing that S broke into laughter, kept his hand on my knees and agreed, of course, why would he mind?

That was the moment something changed in the air. Like someone sneakily changed the game and the rules were different now. This was the first time S touched me informally. And I knew what kinds of touch mean what even if they are veiled with friendliness. Even H sensed it. He stopped being sarcastic with me, and started being protective of me. Over the conversations, he kept trying to fish for reasons as to why we should crash early and go to sleep.

At one point he got too insistent on his attempts at making me get up and retire for the night. I was getting quite irritated, so I snapped at him. If you wanna sleep, go sleep, I am having fun here so I will stick around longer. Hearing this, S also joined in saying why is H being so insistent on both of us crashing at the same time. And then taking his case, he animatedly asked H, “Kyun? Lugaai hai kya teri?” Everyone started laughing. H got embarrassed, said fuck you’s to everyone, got up and left. And he shut his room even though there was no power or ventillation.

I felt really bad. I felt like I was doing something wrong. I even thought of getting up and go to him and see if he wanted to say anything. But S opened another beer and handed it to me. Jokingly he said, that the rule of the building is that if there’s beer, then all the beer has to be finished. They had brought two crates of beer and we weren’t even through the first one. And I being the so called guest of honor, was expected to participate in finishing the beer.


One of the guys also left for his room when H left, saying he had to get up early next morning. There were four of us left in the dark lobby with one candle in the corner. I, S, V and this other young lanky boy who was preparing for some entrance exams. They decided that none of us were drunk enough, so everyone should quickly chug two cans of beer to get high and get comfortable otherwise the heat was going to keep bothering us. We kept cracking sex jokes, laughing and chugging the beer quickly.

S randomly asked me if I was shy. I was like why do you ask? He was like it’s so bloody hot and sweaty, isn’t your tshirt bothering you? It was bothering me, but I pointed out to the lanky guy and said, well, he’s also wearing his shirt. V laughed and said, oh well, we get to decide when he gets to keep his clothes on. And started tugging and pulling at his shirt. The boy giggled and resisted V, and after a bit of a tussle V managed to pull out his shirt. And then jokingly he started pulling at his pants as well and everyone laughed. I was like fuck it and took my tshirt off.

In the dark, with the faint light coming from the candle, my small booby chest looked like proper boobs in the shadows, more so because I was sitting crossed legged on the floor. S commented saying “Tere chuchche to bade sexy hain”, and reached out with one hand and started groping one of my boobs. I giggled in embarassment, as he kneaded my boob like soft dough while twiddling on the nipple with his middle finger. By this point I was quite tipsy as I always had a low alcohol capacity. So I just went with it.

V added to S’ comment, saying how I have always been quite sexy and would easily give the girls a run for their money. S said, “Oh really? Ab to theek se dekhna padega”. He asked me if I would like to take my shorts off. I was always an exhibitionist, but I had only been nude in front of one guy at a time. Not three. So I hesitated for a moment and slowly slid off my shorts without getting up, making sure that my private parts were not visible.

S readily agreed with V and started caressing the side of my body from chest to thighs, up and down, while adding “Sexy to kaafi hai”. V opened another beer, saying on this note you will have to chug one more can. I knew I should have stopped because I was more than tipsy. Something in the back of my mind said, I should definitely not be uncontrollably drunk in a situation like this. But this fear was turning into a kinky thrill. On some level I wanted to lose control. I wanted to stop caring about everything. I wanted to get something, that I originally desired from H, but since he wouldn’t give it to me I’ll take it inside his house while he is in the next room. I was convinced that he wasn’t sleeping, and could hear everything that was happening outside of his room. So I took the beer, and chugged it in one go. And that was the point of no return.

My vision was slightly spinning. My focus was fading in and out of the conversations. They started asking me in detail about my sex life. Do you give blowjobs? How long? Do you swallow? How many guys have fucked you? Have you ever taken it all in? Have you been fucked by big cocks? How big? Have you been fucked hard? What positions have you been fucked in? I just kept smiling like a fool and responding in all honesty within the limited capacity of my speech.

I could tell S was the horniest in the room. I could feel the lust pouring out of his presence. He said, he wanted to see what a guys ass looked like which is used to getting fucked. He asked me to turn around and show him my ass. I was still sitting cross legged concealing whatever I could. So I resisted a bit. His voice became more commanding, “Dikha na”, and pushed me over to the side. So I rolled over and got on my all fours with my ass towards S.

S spanked my butt cheeks a couple of times and started kneading and caressing the flesh. With both hands he started parting my cheeks. He stretched the cheeks wide apart where I could feel that my hole was agape even though I was clenching. He leaned over and sniffed my hole. And he jeered “Lagta hai, zyaada chudi nahi hai aaj tak. Aaj woh qasar bhi poori kar dete hain.” Saying that, he spat on my hole and slipped his index finger in. An intense sensation jolted through my anus and rushed through the lower half of my body.

V moved over and kneeled in front of my face. He had already taken his shorts off, was completely naked, rubbing his boner in my face. He started caressing my hair with his fingers and indicating that he wanted me to suck him. I really wasn’t sure of anything at this point. V was my classmate. I would have to see him at college everyday until I graduate. If I hooked up with H, I still trusted him to respect my privacy. But I couldn’t say the same about V. I barely knew him. With the other hand V held my jaw in his palm, with three of his fingers gripped on my one cheek and his thumb on the other.

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Like you would hold someone’s face to feed them something. He planted the tip of his cock on my lips and started pressing. I still didn’t open my mouth. So he pressed my jaw hard and dug his fingers into my cheeks, which made my lips part. The moment they opened, he shoved his cock into my mouth. I think my teeth scratched on his cock while he did that, so he grabbed my hair and pulled at it, scorning me saying “Daant mat laga”.

Two of S’ fingers were already in my hole by now. He kept alternating between finger fucking my hole and rimming it. Everytime he rimmed my hole he would create suction with his mouth while trying to dig his tongue into the hole. He kept telling me to relax and unclench, but I just couldn’t get control of my ass. After rimming for a while, he slipped three fingers in. He didn’t even wait, he just shoved them deep inside. A searing pain shot up through my prostate. I winced and jerked, and moved to the side releasing my mouth from V’s hold. My knees were already hurting because of the concrete floor. I laid on my side, with my hand between my legs in a foetal position, pressing my middle finger on my hole because it was throbbing with pain……To be cont’d.

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