Indian Gay Erotica: The Dark Alleys of Laxmi Nagar: 2

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Indian Gay Erotica: The Dark Alleys of Laxmi Nagar: 2

Indian Gay Erotica: After I became friends with H, he had casually mentioned about me to S. H later told me that S was quite intrigued hearing about my sexual orientation. He had never met a gay guy before. He was fascinated with the idea, that if a guy has confidence to declare who he is attracted to, then he must be really sexually liberated. Also S, had the impression, that if two guys were having sex then there must be no limits, like the kind of limits you have to respect when having sex with women. So H told me, that S was very keen on meeting me. And I decided to visit H’s house for the first time.

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It was a long weekend, and we had Monday and Tuesday off. There was a party in Safdarjung on Saturday evening where most of the people from college were there. I and H had crashed over at that friend’s place because we were too drunk and decided to go to H’s place the next day. That night, there were three of us sleeping on a queen size bed. I was in the middle, H on my one side and a drunk passed out newb on the other.

H and I were normally free with our physicality. He was very cool about these things. We used to hug, lean on each other, rest our heads on each other all the time. There was a friendly physical intimacy between us. So that night I was lying next to him and we were pressed against each other because the passed out newb was all sprawled out like a dead body. My arm was on his chest. I don’t know what came over me in my drunken stupor, I started slowly caressing his chest. He didn’t react. I felt a bit ashamed thinking what if he is passed out and maybe I am taking advantage of him. But I was too drunk to let logic prevail. Slowly caressing his chest I started moving my hand downwards while rubbing my face on his shoulder. No reaction. Slowly my hand moved downwards, over his abs. The moment it passed below his navel, suddenly he caught my wrist and sternly called out my name as a warning. I got the reaction. I stopped, moved away my hand and turned on my back away from him. We didn’t speak until the next morning.

Next morning, it was like nothing happened. The moment H woke up he established by whining about his hangover, about how drunk he was the previous night. He didn’t seemed to remember much. But I knew he did. There was an unsaid awkwardness in the air. The friendly physical intimacy between us, was more guarded now. I guess we both needed some space to process what had happened and then talk if possible. But that wasn’t possible because H had made plans with S because I was going to visit. Although it was a Sunday, S had work that day, but said he’ll bring mutton in the evening and cook it for us. S was excited to meet me.

So we spent the first half of the day in Safdarjung, there were enough people to distract us. Then we went for a movie, which was probably a mutual idea because neither of us wanted to talk. It was still a bit awkward. Then we headed to Laxmi Nagar to H’s place.

Upon reach the building, H and I went to the ground floor. Some of the boys were chilling and watching TV in S’ room. We got introduced. Random straight men. S had just returned from work and was in the shower. V also just entered with some groceries, turned out S and V were cooking the mutton together, to which H wasn’t exactly pleased, although only I could tell that. V nodded at H and shook my hand warmly with a smile, welcoming me to their “humble abode”. He even jibed that they were getting the privilege of having mutton because I was visiting, otherwise S is too kanjoos all the time.

S stepped out of the shower clad in an old white towel wrapped around his hips. The moment I laid my eyes on him, some switch turned on in my head. You know how some men, have such a hypnotic physical presence. Like how they carry their body in a way that is so bloody enticing. The power and the masculinity. In my head I had this piercing urge to be fucked by him right then against the wall. It was this raw, animalistic attraction. This was the moment I was going to regret weeks later.

The moment S entered the space, the energy levels in the room went up. He had this way of always being at the center of attention and uplifting everyone who engaged with him. The jokes were louder. The tv was turned off. Everyone was talking and guffawing with each other. S welcomed me with a lot of affection and said how much he had heard about me and how he was grateful to finally meet me. He lit a cigarette along with others, we all sat on and around his bed in his room and kept talking. S wasn’t the one to mince his words, and straight away jumped to the subject of me being gay. The moment he asked, there was an awkward silence with the other boys grinning coyly. I held my fort and explained about why I identified as gay. I think my confidence impressed S. And the conversation transitioned into the subject of sex, sexuality, seduction and all.

At one point S asked me, considering how restrictive our society is, how do I manage to convince straight men to have sex with me. I said it’s simple, I just “accidentally” drop my towel in front of an unsuspecting guy and the nudity does the rest of the job. He broke into laughter because he was still in his towel and then admitted that he also successfully uses the same technique with a lot of women. This was the point when I think when both S and I quietly realized that we were not just sexual, but were also kinky. And we matched on our kinkiness.

Then slowly everyone dispersed, starting with V who told S that he will start with the ingredients and S could join in with the mutton. H and I went upstairs to the top floor where he and V lived. The mutton was planned to be cooked at their place and everyone else was invited to join in there once the food was ready.

It was a particularly difficult evening. There were several complex dynamics taking place and i didn’t know what to do about them right then. The unsaid awkwardness between H and I had unsettled me the whole day. I wanted to talk to him, but now there was no opportunity with others around. Also I didn’t know if he wanted to talk. V and I on other hand were socializing for the first time. So because I didn’t have much to talk about with H (also because I had already spent over 24 hours with him), I ended up talking more with V, while he was cooking in the kitchen.

Now I could tell that wasn’t sitting well with H. Because I was H’s friend and I had come to visit his house, where V also happened to live. So I guess he was feeling a bit like why wasn’t I giving him any attention, but instead giving it to his arch nemesis. Now H didn’t know how to cook. Only S and V knew cooking in the entire building. So in a way they had a more upper hand on things than others because they were mostly the ones to feed everyone else. So even though we were all in H’s house and I was H’s primary guest, he was feeling left out because I guess he didn’t expect I would get so pally with V.

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H’s sense of feeling insignificant in his own space, probably coupled with what happened the previous night, was slowly turning into bitterness. He started being sarcastic, passing snide comments at me and even bullying me at times. I didn’t take it well. I had had enough by this point. I thought it’s not like he was my boyfriend so I don’t need to take shit from him. So I started retorting back with sarcasm. The only difference is when I do sarcasm, it always comes out as very bitchy. And that was definitely not helping the situation. And I think V picked up on the tension between H and I, and decided to take advantage of it just to spite H. V became super friendly with me while completely ignoring H. I was like, this is turning into a rolling snowball and it will crash any moment now.

Thank God for when S entered our floor. Like I said, his presence had a weird dynamic effect on everyone. Suddenly everyone keeps their differences and rivalry aside whenever he is around. The tension in the air calmed and everyone was chilling and hanging out. When the air cleared, my mind also found clarity. I was like fuck this shit. I decided I didn’t want to deal with all this shit. I was surrounded by masculine men bursting with youthful energy, I’m going to cherish it. Also since I had been super horny since the previous night after H rebuked me, if I get to hook up with S, I would definitely go for it. Everyone else can go fuck themselves…..To be cont’d.

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