CD sex story – Mama ji fucked me after I cross dressed

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CD sex story

This is my real experience which I am going to share with you now. This incident happened some 4 years back when I had visited my Mama ji’s (my mother’s elder brother) place during school holidays. My mama ji was 42 years old, my maami was 39 years old. They had a son who was in std 5th. One day my mom and my maami went to attend some distant relative’s marriage. My younger brother and my cousin also went with my mom and maami. So me and mama ji were alone in the house.

I was working in the laptop and mamji had gone for a bath. He is not that good looking however his personality is pleasing. He has wheatish skin, his height is 5’6 feet. He is a bit bald.

After having bath he came out of the bathroom. He was wearing a white vest and a green lungi. He came and started doing some paper work. He came and sat besides me after 10 minutes. He told that he was getting bored.

Then he asked me if I smoke veet? (Veet means gaanja or marijuana which is a herbal drug mixed in tobacco.)

I said “Yes. Do you have?”

He said “Yes I have one packet. Let us smoke and we will not tell anyone.”

We made marijuana and filled it in smoking paper and had 2 joints. It was of strong quality and thus it hit our brains and we were in complete heaven. Then Mama ji said “Do you have porn in your laptop?”

After having marijuana, men usually become very horny. Even I become horny and I really wanted to cross dress. I had imagined so many times that I will someday wear my mami’s clothes. We started watching porn. I saw my mama ji pressing his hard on from over his lungi. I somehow felt that I will ask mama ji if I can cross dress.

He said “Hey, this marijuana effect is making me crazy. This is fucking hot.”

I said “Mamaji, when you have marijuana, what do you usually do?”

He said “I have sex with your mami. Sex is wonderful after you get high.”

I said “Mama ji, I am feeling very horny. Can I go to the bedroom and wear some of mami’s clothes? please.. I love to wear ladies clothes after smoking marijuana.”

He said “Really? It is so hot. Now that you have shared your secret, I want you to get dressed in any of your mami’s clothes.After you crossdress, we will watch porn and then masturbate”

His words made me go crazy and I was so happy that he gave me permission to crossdress.

I went inside the bedroom and removed my clothes quickly. I don’t have any hair on my body and face because I like to feel as a woman every moment. I opened the wardrobe and took out a dark blue color panty. In middle class families, women are not that bothered to buy sexy panties or bras. In the same way my maami also had cotton panties in her wardrobe but all of them were very soft.

The dark blue panty was so soft that when I wore it and its soft material touched my penis, it became so hard that with much difficulty I some how managed to hide my penis in between my thighs. The panty was a bit tight and thus I realized that this must be an old panty. But it made me very horny. I imagined as if I was my maami getting dressed. My maami had a very nice figure of 36-30-34.

After wearing the panty, I took out a cotton black bra. I wore the bra. Its cups were a bit padded with extra cotton and the straps on the shoulders and on the back were a bit tight so that a woman gets a feeling that she still has her bra on.

Oh my god, I was feeling so horny. I took two underwear of my mama ji and folded them in nice round shapes to make fake breasts by keeping them in the bra cups.

After wearing the bra and panty I thought which color blouse and petticoat should I wear. Then I imagined my maami in different sarees and realized that she used to look fucking hot in simple red saree.

Thus I took out a red color blouse and a petticoat. I wore the petticoat first. The blouse and the petticoat, both were pretty old and thus they were very soft and smooth on the skin. I tied the lace of the red petticoat just under my belly.

Then I wore the red blouse which had quarter length short arms and had a very deep back cut to expose a woman’s sexy back. The neck cut was still decent but when my maami used to wear the same blouse, I could see her sexy cleavage.

I hooked the blouse from the front.

Then I came near the mirror and saw my reflection. I was feeling very hot by seeing my own sexy reflection. Just then near my dressing table I found 2 wigs. I realized that my mamji runs a drama company and thus he has these wigs in his house. I took a wig which had long and dark black hair. I wore the wig and the length of the hair were so large that the hair touched my waist.

Now, I was looking like a lady. I sat near the dressing table and applied my maami’s liquid foundation cream on my face and covered it with powder foundation. Then I applied black kajal around my eyelids and eyebrows. After that I applied dark red lipstick on both my lips. I had applied more amount of lipstick as I had decided to have sex with my mama ji. Oh my god, I was looking fucking hot just like Vidya Balan. Then I wore a big red bindi on my forehead.

After doing all the make up stuff, I wore two gold earrings on both my ears. Now I was looking like a perfect lady and no one could make out that I was actually a male. And I had forgotten that I was a male, due to the marijuana effect I had started feeling that I was my own maami whose husband is waiting in the other room to have a nice hardcore sex.

Finally I applied red nailpolish on all my nails but still I was feeling that something was missing. I wanted to feel and be like a complete lady. so I took out two god payals and wore them around the bottom of my legs. Then I took out lots of red bangles and wore 10 bangles on each hand. After doing all these stuff, I also wore a gold mangalsutra around my neck. Now I was feeling like my maami and I just had to wear the saree.

I went near the wardrobe once again and while walking I felt like a complete Indian housewife. I took the plain red silk saree and unfolded it. The saree was a bit transparent and I had started draping it around my petticoat and waist. I was wearing the saree in a very nice manner. Then I made a two fold pallu and adjusted it over my blouse with the help of a pin as ladies do.

Then I tied my hair with the help of a black hair band. Finally I applied my maami’s ladies perfume on the underarms of the blouse so that when I’ll start sweating, it will form a nice seducing fragrance.

Finally I entered the front room where my mama ji was still watching porn and was pressing his penis from over his lungi. He looked at me and was totally shocked. He said “Hey, you are looking like a complete lady and you are so damn hot. Come here and sit besides me.”

I came and sat besides him. He noticed my bangles, payal, mangalsutra, earrings and every other stuff. He said “Waao, you somewhat resemble to Vidya Balan. If you go out on the streets this way, no one could say that you are actually a man”

I said “I am a woman for now.”

We started watching porn again and due to the marijuana effect I completely forgot about my male avatar and I was feeling like a horny housewife.

I touched my mama ji’s lungi and felt his hard dick on my hand.

He looked at me, then he removed his vest. He hugged me in his nude arms and chest and pressed me tightly in his arms. I felt so horny that I closed my eyes and started rubbing his back with my hands. He was also rubbing my deep back cut blouse and my back. Then he kissed me on my lips. He started sucking my lips and kissed me very deeply. I could feel my lipstick getting sucked away.

We were both sitting on the bed and while kissing he removed the pin from my blouse and removed my pallu from the blouse. He once again hugged me in his nude chest and started feeling my hot body. Then I stood up from the bed and was standing on the floor. He also stood up and I was a large bulge in his lungi and I understood that he wasn’t wearing underwear. His bulge was very mouth watering.

He started un-draping my saree from around my waist and now I was finally in just red blouse and petticoat. I had worn so many basic ladies accessories and due to the drug effect I was feeling like my maami romancing her husband. I kissed him again and while kissing he started pressing my breast with one hand and rubbed my waist with another hand. With my right hand, I removed his lungi and made it to fall on the ground.

Oh my god, my mama ji had a mouth watering penis which was 7 inch long and was straight upright. His penis was not dark at all. I touched he penis while he moaned a bit. It was as hard as a rod. I couldn’t control my horny feelings and thus sat on my knees on the ground and took his penis in my hand and stroked it slowly. I really wanted to have his hard dick in my mouth. I pressed my lips and my tongue on the head of his penis and he moaned “ahhhhhh…”

I licked his penis from top to bottom with my tongue and made it completely wet. Then I took his rod in my mouth. It was so hot and hard that I wanted to take it completely down my throat. I sucked it with a great pleasure. I was feeling like I was my maami sucking mama ji’s hot and hard penis.

After 15 minutes of sucking, I started feeling very hot and I started sweating. My blouse was getting wet from underarms and back area. I was feeling very horny.

Then mama ji asked me to stop sucking and sit on the bed. I sat on the bed and he sat besides me. He hugged me and both of us together lied down on bed like husband wife. Then he lifted my petticoat and lowered my panty from ass area. He came in between my thighs and kept both my payal cladded legs on his shoulders. I was lying on bed with my legs on his manly shoulders while he was standing on his knees in between my thighs.

He took his hard dick in his hand and started pressing it in my asshole. I started moaning in pleasure. Then he pushed his dick completely inside my asshole and started fucking me slowly.

I started moaning “ohhhhh.. aahhhhh… yesss.. fuck me harder.. come on.. fuck me like a dog…”

Then mama ji started fucking my asshole very hardly. I could feel his hard rod like penis going in and out of my asshole and I was feeling like a horny bitch. I wanted his to fuck me like this for the whole day. I was enjoying this hardcore fuck. After 20 minutes of fucking in this position I asked my mama ji to fuck me in Doggy Style.

He made me sit on the bed like a bitch. He was behind me. Then he lifted my petticoat from ass area and once again started pushing his rod inside my asshole. He fucked me really hard this time and both us were moaning and saying dirty horny words to each other. I was sweating so heavily that my whole blouse had become wet with sweat and my black bra straps were visible under my blouse.

Then mama ji asked me to sit on top of him with his dick inside my asshole. He slept on the bed while I took his dick in my hand and sat on his thighs. I adjusted his dick head on my asshole and slowly started sitting on it. His hard rod went completely inside my asshole and I started jumping on his dick.

Then suddenly he said that he wanted to take out his sperms and he cannot control for longer period of time.

I asked him to stand once again on the floor while I sat on my knees with his dick in my hand. I sucked his dick once again and after 5 minutes he took out his dick from my mouth and started masturbating it hardly. His hard penis spurted out a lot of hot sperms on my face. I took his dick once again in my mouth and sucked his sperms. Then I felt so horny that while sucking his dick I took my hard penis in my hand and masturbated so hard that just after 5 strokes, my penis threw out a lot of hot sticky sperms.

Then after this hot session we hugged each other while he was nude and I was in blouse petticoat but without panty. We slept for 30 minutes and after that we fucked again. It was a very hardcore cross dressing-sex session.


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