Desi Gay chudai story – Rahul ki Gaand

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Desi Gay chudai story – Rahul ki Gaand

Rahul is slim,sexy around 29 and lives next door. I can see his bedroom from the roof of my house near the water tank. He does not know this and thinks that there is just a water tank so keeps his window open.
Rahul is lying on his back stark naked and Vicky his 18 year old servant is massaging him with oil. His sexy buttocks are shining and poor Vicky is working hard. Rahul ne kahaa `zor se kar, dum laga’, Vicky! `Idhar aaja Vicky’ Rahul directs and Vicky come near Rahul’s face. Rahul opens the string of Vicky’s pyjamas and they fall down, Vicky is naked with a semi erect lund. Rahul holds Vicky’s lund, takes out his tongue and starts licking its tip. He slurps it like a lollipop. I am not gay but this sight makes me excited and I start stroking my own lund. `Ab main choosunga’ Rahul ne kahaa and takes Vicky’s now 7″ fully erect lund in his mouth and starts sucking. Vicky feels the pleasure of Rahul’s mouth. Vicky is slim and young but has a strong lund, he is still wearing his t-shirt.

`Slurp, slurp…’ and Rahul has all his saliva on Vicky’s rod. `Chal ab meri gand maar’, hearing this makes me more excited and I wait to see what this is all about. Rahul turns around and raises his sexy buttocks. Vicky takes the oil on his fingers and applies it on Rahul’s asshole, then Vicky puts two fingers in. Rahul moans. Vicky as it has Rahul’s saliva on his shining lund so he positions it at Rahul’s entrance and gives a gentle push. `Dheere se Vicky’ Rahul sighs, and Vicky pushes it further. He puts in the whole 7″ into Rahul’s gand. This surprises me how can such a large lund go into Rahul’s asshole? Vicky then starts to push and slides his lund in and out, he increases pace, `aah, mar meri gand’, Rahul moans. Vicky is definitely enjoying, and starts to make faster movements. This goes on for a few minutes and then both of them sigh and tighten, I think they are cumming….Rahul’s small lund, now 4″ erect gives out white stuff on the bed and Vicky I presume cums in Rahul’s gand.
After what I see between Rahul and his servant Vicky, I begin to go and see their antics everyday. The next day same thing happens, Vicky is pumping his lund into Rahul’s asshole and stroking Rahul’s small lund with his left hand. Vicky is fondling Rahul’s breasts. I am as usual masturbating at the roof.

`Ab main tere upar chadhunga’ Rahul ne kahaa’, `Rahulji thoda aur karne do, bada maza aa raha hai’ Vicky pleads. I can hear the `chap chap’ sound of Rahul’s sexy buttocks slapping against Vicky’s slim frame.

They are both enjoying, I think, but I am not gay so why do I like seeing this? Anyway instead of questioning myself I enjoy the view and keep on stroking my lund.

`Tu let ja Vicky’ Rahul commands and poor Vicky takes out his wet erect and dipping penis out of Rahul’s warm gand and comes besides Rahul on the bed to lie down. Rahul moves his sexy frame and strokes Vicky’s lund a couple of times, he then talkes the oil bottle and applies more oil on Vicky’s lund. Rahul then places his legs on both sides of Vicky and positions his gand at the tip of Vicky’s erect penis, he then slowly starts to sit on it. This makes me more horny to see sexy hairless Rahul sit on a big lund while his own small lund is hanging limp. Rahul takes it all in, `Badi garam gand hai aapki Rahulji’, Vicky ne kahaa. Rahul smiles and starts to move up and down using his hands which are on the bed. He is squatting on Vicky’s thin frame and pushing his asshole slowly but steadily. I am amazed to see how smoothly Vicky’s lund is it is going in and out. `Mere andar nikal, tere garam maal ko’ Rahul ne kahaa and moans with closed eyes, the bed is moving and I think it will break. Rahul’s face is towards the window and Vicky is also facing the window, so I can see both their lunds, one tight and 7″ going in and out and the other Rahul’s 4″ small, slightly hard now slapping against Rahul’s sexy thighs.

`Meri muthi maar Vicky’ Rahul screams, Vicky obediently starts stroking Rahul’s small penis, Rahul then moans and shoots out his load on Vicky’s legs. I also cum and give a loud sigh. Unfortunately for me Rahul hears it and ne kahaa `Kaun hai wahan?’ Rahul dresses up and comes to the window and draws the curtain. As I am putting my pants on and getting up, Rahul sees me leave the roof.

The next day as I am leaving for college, Rahul smiles at me and calls me. I sheepishly go to him, `Mazaa aaya dekh ke, shaam ko aana tumhen aur mazaa aayega’. I get an erection hearing this.

Curiosity got the better of me and I go in the evening to Rahul’s house. `Bedroom mein chalo’ he guides me. There on his TV a blue movie is on and Vicky is sleeping on the floor. `Aao dekho yeh chudai, daro mat main kuch nahin karoonga’, he makes me comfortable.
I sit on the sofa and I think he sees my erection through my pants. `Kabhi kisi ki gand maari hai’, `Nahin’ I reply. `Maaroge’ he asks, I blush and don’t reply. On the screen a sexy young girl is being fucked by a guy, in the ass. `Is ladki ki gand se achi hai
meri’, he removes his pyjamas and stands naked in front of me. `Rahulji aap ka bahut chota hai’ I tell him, `Tabhi to bade lund ko main apne andar leta hoon’. `Vicky uth ja, dekh pados ke sahab aaye hain’. Poor exhausted Vicky gets up and starts to put pillows on the edge of the bed. I don’t understand, Rahul then takes … hand and we go to his bed. Rahul sits on the edge of the bed, `Tum blue film dekho, meri taraf dhyan mat do’. I see arousing shots on the TV, a black guy fucking two white girls. I feel Rahul’s hand on my pants, he is opening my buttons and unzipping me, I say to myself that I should leave, but I am too excited. Rahul makes me naked from waist below and Vicky is removing my shoes. Vicky takes off my pants and underwear all together. My eyes are on the TV screen but I am feeling Rahul’s tongue on my erect 6″ lund. `Tumhara lund bada pyaara hai’ saying this Rahul takes it in his mouth and starts to suck.

I really enjoy his warm wet tongue on my lund. Rahul removes my lund from his mouth and gestures to Vicky again. Vicky takes some oil and starts applying it on my erect penis, I like Vicky’s touch as well. Rahul then lies on his back with pillows under his sexy buttocks, Vicky holds my penis and puts it on Rahul’s asshole. `Ghusao andar,
daro mat mazaa aayega tumhe’. Vicky goes towards Rahul’s head and sits on the bed, he then holds Rahul’s both legs in the air so that Rahul’s sexy ass is fully exposed. I sheepishly hold Rahul’s small lund and stroke it, and with slow movement my lund enters Rahul’s asshole.

Its really nice, warm, oily and smooth. I start moving my lund in and out of Rahul’s gand. Vicky is still holding Rahul’s legs in the air. Rahul starts to moan, `Mera hilao’ he asks me, so I take his small lund in my hand and masturbate him. Then I notice, Vicky’s
lund is also out and Rahul is licking it by putting his head between Vicky’s legs as Vicky is on his knees. `Chap, chap, chap’ the sound of me pounding Rahul’s ass and slapping his sexy buttocks becomes faster and louder. I am thoroughly enjoying it, its heaven. And I am not gay. Rahul is slurping on Vicky’s dark lund at the same time. `Rahulji nikal raha hai’ I moan, `Nikal do mere andar, tanki khali kar do’.

Rahul’s warm and oily gand takes my whole lund and Rahul tightens his asshole, I sigh and cum in Rahul’s gand. After a minute Vicky’s white stuff is all over Rahul’s lips and face and Rahul licks and starts swallowing it. Rahul then feverishly strokes his own small lund and cums on himself. Vicky leaves Rahul’s legs and all of us are utterly satisfied.

I will wI started to enjoy myself with Rahul, he introduced me to real pleasure and I stopped caring about not being gay, after all it was just a little bit of fun.

I ring Rahul’s doorbell, he comes greets me, `Aao sahab’ I don’t know why he calls me sahab. He then takes me to his bathroom. He takes off my clothes and takes his clothes off as well. The sight of a sexy, flabby body is not a good one but I know he has lots to offer. He grabs my now small lund and starts to play with it. He washes it with soap and water so my lund becomes erect, slimy and smooth. `Toilet par baith jao’ Rahul asks me, so I sit on the WC.
Rahul applies some soap on the entrance of his asshole, when he bends to do this, I see his heavy and sexyty ass cheeks, they are smooth and his asshole is visible. `Tum zara ungli dal ke dekho’, Rahul pleads, so I take my finger and start inserting it into his asshole.

He keeps it clean and smooth, so my finger goes in easily, `Ek aur daalo’ he ne kahaa so I insert two fingers and push them in. His gand is warm and inviting, I get excited by the thought that Rahul’s gand will shortly massage my lund.

Rahul is bent and holding his knees and I am sitting on the WC fingering his asshole, he is moaning and his eyes are closed with ecstasy. This makes me think that will it give me similar pleasure if someone plays with my asshole?

‘Main tumhare lund par baithunga’, saying this Rahul holds my lund with his hand and starts to sit on it. His sexy structure takes time to adjust, but he guides my lund through the entrance of his warm tunnel and slowly takes all my 6″ into his anal passage. He then starts to heave up and down supporting his weight with his hands which are on his thighs. I really enjoy my lund being massaged by such a nice warm anus and my lund starts dripping pre-cum. Phach, phach, phach…. Rahul’s sexy buttocks slap against my thighs, Rahul moans as if he is reaching orgasm. `Nikal do, jaldi karo bada mazaa aa raha hai tere se chud wa ke’, Rahul ne kahaa these dirty things and I get more excited, so I start pumping my lund deeper into his sexy gand. Rahul keeps on moving and I shake and start to cum, my load goes deep into Rahul’s asshole, `Garam maal hai tumhara, aag lagadi meri gand me’, Rahul feels my load in his anus. He stops and I see my white stuff dripping out slowly out of his gand on my pubic hair.
Rahul gets up and he is visibly happy. `Tumhe kal aur maza dilwaoonga, raat ko aana’, he promises. `Theek hai Rahulji’ I comply.
I wait to go to his house the next day, what will he do now?

The next day I am in Rahul’s bedroom again, he opens few bottles of beer and we start having it Vicky joins in and after a while I become a little tipsy. I still don’t know what Rahul’s plans are but I am excited that it will be something nice.

Rahul asks me to strip, I obey and take off all my clothes Rahul strips too and lies down `Mere saath let jao’ he asks me so I lie beside him. Rahul suddenly comes and squats on me, his weight is too much so I cry out, `Ghabrao mat mazaa aayega’ Rahul assures me. `Vicky tel la’, and Vicky brings he bottle of oil. I am a little tipsy and Rahul knows that.
Rahul moves and turns around so that his face is … …towards my legs. Rahul then takes the doggy position, so his small lund is right over my face and my lund is under his mouth. Rahul spits on my lund to cover it with saliva, `Thook se acha kuch nahin’. I automatically start to lick Rahul’s small lund and it starts dripping cum. The taste is salty but nice. I then start taking Rahul’s 4″ lund into my mouth and I start sucking it, it feels nice to give pleasure to someone who has given me so much. I hold his balls and he moves up and down to assist with my sucking.

I notice that Rahul in his doggy position is also sucking Vicky’s sexy 7″ lund. Rahul then applies oil on Vicky’s lund. `Ab mein tumhara choosunga’, its quite a sight, this sexy and flabby man on top of my small frame sucking my 6″ lund while I suck his 4″ lund. It was so nice. `Meri gand men ungli dalo’ he asks so I start putting my finger into his asshole, his big sexy buttocks still heave on my face as I keep on sucking and slurping his small lund.

Rahul lifts my knees and spreads my legs, `Kya kar rahe ho Rahulji’ I ask, `Ghabrao mat maze lo’ he assures me so I keep on doing my job of sucking Rahul and licking his pre-cum. I feel Rahul’s fingers applying oil on my asshole, I like the feeling as at the same time my lund is still in his warm mouth. Then I feel something which is not a finger, I take out Rahul’s lund and raise my head to see that Vicky’s sexy lund is right at the entrance of my gand. I shout and say `Nahin Rahulji durd hoga’ Rahul ne kahaa `Thoda sa par bada maza ayega’. Rahul puts all his weight on me so I can’t move and spreads my legs far apart. I still keep on sucking Rahul’s lund and licking the tip. My two fingers are still in Rahul’s gand. Rahul puts his finger inside my asshole, it feels nice.

After putting lots of oil in my asshole, Rahul takes Vicky’s sexy lund in his hand and positions it at the entrance of my asshole `Dheere dalo Vicky, sahab ki gand tight hai’ Vicky obeys and starts to put is lund inside my gand. My asshole contracts, `Dheela karo, araam se andar jaayega’ Rahul guides. I obey and relax my muscles. Vicky puts his glans inside me gand and it feels huge but nice. The warmth of Vicky’s lund relaxes me further, I start sucking Rahul’s lund faster and finger his asshole with two fingers. Vicky pushes in half of his lund into my tight oily asshole, I moan with pleasure. To have a sexy lund fuck me was unimaginable, but now it felt amazing. Vicky slowly shoves in his whole 7″ and keeps his lund inside me, my anus adjusts to this invasion and relaxes itself.

Vicky then starts to move it out and then starts to pump my asshole. Rahul is still sucking and slurping my lund. Surprisingly I now feel pleasure inside my gand not on my lund so my lund becomes limp. Now I understand why Rahul’s lund was limp while I fucked him, I also now know the amazing pleasure another guy’s lund can give. The sight is cool, I am lying on my back with this sexy flabby man on top of me in 69 position while I suck his small lund, and with my legs spread Vicky’s sexy lund is going in and out of my anus with great speed. I am moaning and Rahul is slurping my now limp lund. Vicky is also in ecstasy `Sahab aap ki gand to bahut tight hai bada mazaa aa raha hai marne me’ Vicky compliments my asshole and keeps on fucking it faster and faster. I keep on licking Rahul’s 4″ erect lund and fingering his gand. Now I enjoy Rahul’s weight on me and I get pleasure from inside my asshole. The bed heaves and all three of us are moaning in ecstasy. I suddenly feel a sort of warm injection inside my gand, I know that Vicky has shot his load into me, it feels very fulfilling. `Rahulji Vicky ne nikal diya mere andar’ I exclaim. `Gand marwane ka yahi to phal hai, garam garam maal milta hai’ and Rahul starts to shake, I think he is also cumming. I take Rahul’s lund further into my mouth and Rahul shoots his stuff inside my mouth. Now I have loads in my mouth as well as in my gand. I slurp and swallow Rahul’s salty load. Vicky still keeps his lund inside me.


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