Gay Indian sex story – My drunk room mate

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Gay Indian sex story – My drunk room mate

When I was a fresher in college, I lived in a rented house near the campus of MIT University. It was a suite of rooms with a central living area, a bathroom and 4 single bedrooms. Moving in day was a strain on my hormones and jeans! I arrived at the area desk to pick up my keys to find that our three- person suite would only be two of us because of some last minute cancellations. There was always a chance that more guys would move in, but unlikely for a few weeks anyway.

I unpacked my stuffs into the suite. There was no sign of anyone else just yet. All I knew was that my roommate’s name was Chandu. My room was directly across from the bathroom and Chandu’s room would be to the right of the living area.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am an only child, 19 years old, and an athlete. I was on the football team at my High School and played fullback. We were State champions last year and I was a pretty popular guy in my school. I have grey eyes, black hair, stand 5’11” at 60 kgs., with a 40″ chest, 30″ waist, large thighs, pecs, arms, and a six pack washboard. I have some hair on my arms and legs, but a hairless chest and face. I sport a pretty fierce cock at 7″ soft with pretty big balls and fairly thick shaft. I get some serious looks when I’m in the gym showers or in a Speedo at the beach. I’m pretty proud of my body as I’ve worked very hard to get it to where it is at. Growing up in a strict conservative family left me to silently deal with my growing curiosity in other men. I’ve been approached by a few guys to jerk off with them, but always declined as I’m not effeminate and hate guys that act “gay.” I’m very conservative in my politics and love sports and music. I’m your pretty average all-Indian kid.

It was approaching dinner time and still no sign of my roommate. I went to the cafeteria and then went to check out the gym. After a quick walk around campus, it’s a huge campus…I returned to my dorm.

When I opened the door I saw a 24 year old guy sitting on the couch and his two parents unpacking boxes. They introduced themselves as Bhavesh and Mita and their son Sagar (Chandu’s brother). Sagar was a pretty good looking guy with an average build and pretty defined body. I inquired about Chandu and they said he was down at the car bringing up the last load. I helped them do some unpacking for a few minutes and then in walked Chandu.

I just about dropped the box in my arms when I saw him. He stood 6′ 65 kgs. of pure muscle. He was a dirty guy with piercing brown eyes, chiseled chin and defined features. It was a warm fall evening and he was wearing a cut off T-shirt and Ummbro shorts so it was difficult to see how endowed he was, but if he sported anything in relation to his huge feet and hands, I was going to be in heaven.

We shook hands and made some more pleasantries. He grew up in a similar situation as me, but he was the middle of three kids. Their little sister was left at home with grandparents and his folks and brother lived about 2 hours away. I offered them a cola and they soon left.

Chandu was a gentlemen in every respect. He was thoughtful, courteous, gentle and quiet, but made pleasant conversation. He too had played football in high school as well as soccer. He rode a mountain bike most places and hated cars.

We sat in our living area until about 2 in the morning getting to know each other and becoming close friends in a relatively short time. We finally realized how late it was and thought it best we hit the sack. He went to his room and I to mine. I awoke about 7 AM to the sound of running water. I peeked out my bedroom door across the living area to see the bathroom light on and hear the shower running. The bathroom door was opened a crack and I hear him taking a shower. I was already sporting a hard cock which grew even stiffer thinking about Chandu being naked in the shower. I heard the water shut off and he exited his room. I got my first glance at his nearly naked body. It was even more beautiful than I first thought. He had not seen me peeking through the crack in my bedroom door as he made his way back to his room.

A few minutes later I exited my room and took a shower. As I exited the bathroom, Chandu was sitting on the couch in the living area in a pair of running shorts and muscle shirt. He asked if I wanted to join him in his morning run. I quickly dressed and we went our for a 5 mile run around the campus and into the surrounding countryside.

When we returned to the room we took turns in the bathroom again and went to breakfast.

Chandu was like the brother I never had. He was funny and athletic and fun! I knew we would be good friends. Despite my obvious attraction to him, I made no advances at him and was careful to not let him catch me “looking” at him. I was not about to ruin our friendship which was much more important to me than sex.

It was now the second week into school and we were getting settled into routines of running in the morning, schoolwork in the day and homework in the evenings. We’d go to dinner together most nights and then hit the gym for an hour.

Chandu asked me if it would be okay for his older brother Sagar to come up and spend the weekend. I had no objections and a few days later Sagar arrived on a Friday afternoon. He asked Chandu and I if we wanted to do some drinking that night.

It was a warm night and so we were all in shorts and T-shirts. We went to the video store and picked up the Batman series and a case of beer and a bottle of Rum.

After several hours of drinking in a hot room with little to eat, we were all pretty trashed. Sagar excused himself and went into one of our spare rooms and crashed.

Chandu and I continued to watch the movie and drink. We were sitting on the couch together and within the hour, Chandu was snoring like a chainsaw. I shook him and yelled out his name. No response. He looked like a sleeping god. His hard muscles were relaxed from the alcohol but still held their form under his tight skin. He was wearing his short cut white athletic socks which always turned me on. I bumped his foot with mine. No response. I lifted his eyelids. His eyes were glassy, not focusing and looked like a broken rag dolls. His breathing was deep, regular and peaceful.

Between the beer, the scotch and my hormones, I was more than curious to see what Chandu’s naked body was like and touch him all over. My cock had sprung to life and I was hornier than I had ever been with a girl.

I was concerned that his brother Sagar might wake up and catch me, so I went to the spare room where he was sleeping. I yelled out his name with no response. I walked over to him. He was lying on his back on top of the sheets with only his bikini briefs on. He had a sizeable bulge in his basket. His cock was about 6″ soft and laid across his waist. There was no response as I called his name and tried to wake him. His eyes were in the same condition and his breathing the same as Chandu’s. I now had a dilemma on my hands. Who would I explore first? I chose to return to Chandu first. (Sagar will be in another story.)

I began by sitting next to Chandu on the couch. I picked up his athletic mammoth feet and placing them in my lap on top of my cock. I freed my boner from my shorts and began rubbing my shaft over the insides of his feet. His snoring stayed the same and I felt even bolder in exploring his body. I sucked each toe and licked his feet. They had the faint smell of sweat and soap from his socks, which I had removed. He had a few hairs on his toes, but the fur on his legs began at the start of his ankles. I felt up his legs to his upper thighs through the muscles and hair, all the time getting more and more turned on.

I released his feet from my lap and climbed on top of his thighs, straddling his knees and rubbing my cock on his hairy thighs. His cock was well pronounced in his silky running shorts and the lower part of his torso was showing under his hiked up T-shirt. I freely explored the outside of his shorts with my hands and then up under his shirt. I squeezed his nipples and they became erect to my touch. I pulled his shirt over his head and licked and sucked his flat hard stomach and chest with my tongue. All this while, I was rubbing my cock against his basket getting even hotter. Precum was forming at the top of my dick and getting his shorts slight ly wet.

I licked downward to his crotch and buried my nose into it. I slowly pulled down his shorts and nuzzled my face into his now bare crotch. He was so passed out that he never became hard, but just being with him in this way was more than I could stand.

I laid down crotch to crotch and face top face as I kissed him softly on his lips. I ground my 8″ hard prick into his sizeable manhood and with a moan blew the biggest wad I had ever had all over his cock, stomach and legs. I carefully licked and wiped all of my juices from his body and re-dressed him in his shorts and shirt and socks while carefully caressing his body and feeling every part.

I covered him with the blanket from his bed and kissed him good night.

Now it was Sagar’s turn…


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