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Today I, Vivek, will tell you one of my Gay homosexual experience with one of my classmate named Ashu. We both were studying in class 12th and were around 19 yrs old. We both already had knowledge of sex with m2m and already had many Gay homosexual relations with other boys, men etc. etc. but we both were not knowing this kind of interest about each other. We both were doing sex with other boys and grownup men individually hiding this activity with each other. As we are from a small town about 50 k.m.east of Bareilly, U.P. India so this kind of sex relationship is seen with hatred in society. While in practical so many people were doing such type of homo sex but behind the curtain very carefully so that no one could know about them. Anyway I come to this Gay homosexual story.

Ashu and I use to study together either in his study room in his house or in my study room in my house which was about 400 yards away. As our exams were nearing we have to study till late hours at night sometimes so late that I or he (depending in whose house we are studying) has to stay at night and sleep there it self. As summer was approaching we use to wear only underwear when going to sleep. We never use to talk on sex matters until that night when all that happened and went on happening the whole night for which we never imagined. The whole episode is as below.

That night we both were studying since evening and the time now was about 12 mid night. we were in his house and all his family members had gone out of town in a marriage so we were alone .I said to Ashu that now biology subject revision is over and new subject we will revise tomorrow so we should now sleep. During biology study as we had studied reproductive human organs so penis of both of us were erect and as before sleep we undressed all our cloths except underwear our tools made a tomb under the u/wear which was noticed by both of us. We both suddenly winked each other and same words came out from mouths of both: hey what is the matter, what do u want with me? And then we both kept mum thinking what they have said. After that without saying anything we lay on the same bed as we use to do always. We were lying but could not sleep. Suddenly I said Ashu you ever have had sex; he said I have had many times but with males only. I said me too .and it seems we are of the same line. He said let us put off our under wears. We did so and suddenly embraced each other.

Our rods were of nearly same length and thick and were hitting each others cocks. Ashu started kissing me and I was holding his tool and pressing it slightly. Ashu asked me to takeout my tongue and then he took it in his mouth and started to suck it. After 5 min he himself took out his tongue and I stated to suck it. In the mean time he also held my tool in his hand. We remained in this position for several minutes. After that we automatically being experienced became in 69 position and started to lick with their tongue each others tool tops by holding the tail with hands and removing the foreskin of tools. The pre cum of our have wetted our tool very badly whose salty taste was coming in our mouth.
This was the starting of m2m sex between two very experienced homosexuals who by now had torn many asses and fucked many virgin ass. But both of us were virgin till now and were going to take each others 7inches long and thick tool in their ass. Now in same 69 positions we took each others tool fully but slowly in their mouths and started sucking it first slowly the very fast and afterward furiously our tools were coming in and out of each others mouth. We were so exited that we both were pushing by and thrusting from hips too. Aaaaaa hoooo aur jor se were the words coming out of our mouths and our speed were increasing and increasing simultaneously we were crying aaah aaaah hooo hoooo doing it fast and faster. And suddenly we felt that we are coming. Our hands were embracing each others hips. And in 2 minutes we both poured lot of cum in each others mouths which we very carefully engulfed and did not allow any drop to come out of mouths or fall on the bed sheet. We took out tools from the mouths and started to clean the tools with our tongues. Now the tools were loose, bend and short. We remained lying in same 69 positions for about 15 min. then without speaking we started to rub each others hips and near the asshole very slowly and softly so after few minutes our tools again started to erect and came out in semi erect position. We were not saying any words and every thing was going automatically as we both have done all this in step by step with many gays. Boys men, and virgins so every step was starting and finishing automatically. The only difference was that we both always put our tools in others ass and this time we were doing so with each other.
Slowly our one finger stated searching asshole and finding it, started rubbing asshole gently so as to stimulate it which in return started giving ass fluid and the asshole started squeezing. When we felt this we just put one finger straight on the hole and gave a little push a slide pain came out on our faces which we can not see but can realize, we both stopped for a while and the again started pushing it further and further continuously but very slowly and repeatedly taking out a little and again pushing further and deeper. At last the whole finger was in both of our asses then we started the finger in and out first slowly then with speed giving a lot of sexual joy to us. Suddenly he inserted his second finger with first one which gave me pain and a cry came out of my mouth but he did not take out it and keep on and out both fingers slowly. In few second pain went out and I started feeling good. He then put out his fingers and sit down and said let us enjoy now by actual fucking. I will do first then your chance. I will do in my way and you will not object and when your chance you do in any way you like and I will not object. We agreed. As I was very hot and my ass was quenching and spreading very fast and was very eager to take his rod in it in full length.
Now Ashu stood up and asked me to turn up and lay on bed keeping my back in the air and stomach on the bed. Then he kept 2 pillows under my hips so my ass lifted and asshole was clearly visible and a little wide. Now he went to his drawer opened it and took out bottle of vasline . he took some with his finger and put it on my asshole. Then he took some more and paste it on his cock and then he lay on me caught my shoulders and neck with right hand and his cock with left hand and kept the cock head on my asshole. After it he held me with both hand so tightly that I became a little uneasy but said nothing. Now he gave a little pressure with his hips so the top of the cock went in my hole and I felt a lot of pain. But I sopped my cry because I was eager to take his tool inside as early as possible. Ashu asked me should he go ahead, I nodded so he in one very hard stroke with his full power thrust pushed his 7 inches thick cock in full length in me and a loud cry came out of my mouth because it was very painful and I tried to free myself from his grip but his grip was so strong that all my efforts went in vain.

He stooped for a while and when I stooped crying he asked me dear I will also cry similarly when your tool will go in me so if you agree I should go ahead and fuck you. By then my pain has also subsided so I nodded yes. He now pulled his rod out a little and again pushed in, this time slowly so I did not felt much pain and off course felt a little joy. When he realized that I am not resisting he again pulled out and pushed in his rod faster than before and went on doing so first with little speed then fast and faster which started giving me heavenly joy and I also started giving thrust from beneath thru my hips. He was fucking me very fast and in wild hard manner and a sound of oohh oohh oohh was coming out of his mouth while I was saying vooohh vooohhh and fuck me faster and faster. Both were thrusting each other so I was feeling his cock head deep inside me. I had caught his legs with my legs tightly and enjoying the sex as never before. Suddenly he increased his rhythm and stopped and poured his full load of cum in my asshole like a fountain. He then lay down calmly on me for few minute then got up, his tool shrank and came out of me, wetted with his cum. He said to be honest now it is turn. When I got up a lot of his cum came out of my ass which I took in my palm and asked Ashu to bent in dog position. He went to the table put his hands on it and bent as I had said. My rod was fully erect and moving up and down in excitement. I took some cum from my palm with my fingers and pasted in his asshole and remaining cum, I put on my rod. I put my hands on his both hips and spread the hole with both thumbs.
Now I came so closer to him that my tool head was touching his asshole. I caught him through his hips so tightly that he can not move his hips even little. Now I give a very little thrust from my hips so as the tip of my cock head entered in his hole which gave n pain to him. He was surprised by my action as he thought I do not know fucking. But it was not the case because I wanted to fuck him more wildly giving more pain as he had done. Actually he wanted to take revenge by fucking more wildly. Those interested in gay fucking must be knowing that more a man will be wild more t he heavenly joy will be felt. Now I gave very powerful stroke with my full power that 2/3 of my tool went inside him and he started to cry because his asshole tore off and a drop of blood came out. He started virtually weeping but not caring him I immediately gave another stroke which was more powerful the before and a loud cry came out of his mouth. He started saying pl. took out for a while it is giving me intolerable pain and he started trying to free himself from my grip but failed as I had caught him very tightly. I stooped for few minutes and when his pain subsided and stooped crying I started fucking. He first resisted the he also started giving thrust from behind and started saying good very good it is very good style I am really enjoying pl. do not stop and go on fucking, it is giving me the heavenly joy. I increased my speed and started fucking very wildly. My full length thick cock was coming out and going in his hole very fast. after about 20minutes I poured all my load, thick cum in his asshole and stopped and lay on him in the same dog position for some times then I got up, as I took out my rod out of his hole lot of my cum came out from his hole. After it we both were very happy and thinking what had happened unknowingly.
But after all we both were satisfied because a curtain has removed between us. Then we went to sleep and in the morning we decided that as we are in the same line so in future whenever we get chance to fuck any third person we will fuck together and we did so.
So this is the story of we two fuckers who themselves were virgin. We continued our study together till exams and use to fuck each other daily. Sometimes twice per day. We did so next 4,5 months after that we aparted as we both went to different cities for higher studies. We never met again in life but till we lived together we memorable fucking with each other, with others, and group fucking and more.
If this story is published and get good response I will write more stories of mine regarding fucking very young boy, very old man, girl friends, group sex with men women, sex with my own staff as when I came to handle my parental business I use to keep staff only after when I have fuck him and have taken taste of his ass hole. Until a boy drink my cum I never keep him in my business.


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