My mother is Portuguese and my dad is Indian

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My name is Raul. My mother is Portuguese and my dad is Indian. I’m average in height. And have a lean, toned body as I do a lot of athletics and swimming, black hair and hazel/green eyes. I’m 19 at the moment in university with no parental supervision, and this story is 100% true! A fair warning, it is long, but TOTALLY WORTH IT…!!!

My friend, Jason, who is 18, tall, skinny with a bit of toned muscle, tanned, dark brown, dreamy eyes and dark hair. We stayed in different apartments but spent almost the whole day together. We did everything together. If we were apart, it was because we were sleeping or in class. In fact sometimes we even slept together, but only on those really late nights. We even cuddled but never thought anything of it because we were just that close.

I always suspected Jason of being gay, because he had many feminine ways. But then again I could not judge as I am a hetro-sexual male; And besides, he mentioned he was straight so I had to trust his word.
I was never attracted to guys as such or had any sexual fantasy’s about men. I can, however tell if a guy is good looking or just looking good, and I’m not afraid to admit it. But many would mistake my love for my really close guy friends as a “bromance,” but with my close girl friends its ok. I have 3 close guy friends, Jason being one of them, and I treat them as I do myself. I on the other hand I always thought I was straight, until now!

It was a typical friday afternoon. Jason and I lay on my bed whilst watching TV, both of us high out of our minds. When he turns to me and asks,
“Have u ever been to a Bar?”
Shocked by this I laughed n just said no. To my surprise again, he suggested that we go for one that night because the music is ‘Awesome’. So I agreed, as he does know how to party so I trusted it would all be ok, and we decided that particular night was the night!

That night, I felt very awkward, so I stayed close to Jason. We were both extremely high, and we decided to drink so we could get ‘drigh’ (drunk and high). A few hours later we were both completely wasted and dancing with some random guys. This is when Jason grabs my hand and pulls me up against his body in such a way that my arms were wrapped around him, and he began to grind against me. I could feel his ass rub against my body. We continued for what seemed like hours before he turned around, my hands still around his waist caressing the sides of his body in motion with our dancing. Suddenly, I got the shock of my life when Jason leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I jumped back and walked out, and waited in the car. He followed 5 minutes later and we drove home in silence.

The thoughts that ran through my head confused me. I thought,
“Lyk what the fuck!”
But at e back of my mind all I could think was,
“his lips were soft, and one small kiss sent shivers down my spine. I liked it!”

When we arrived at res, 3 in the morning, I went straight to my apartment and began to roll a small joint so we could sleep. Jason walked into my room as I was rolling and said,
“Look, I’m sorry, I was just caught up in the moment.”
I told him that it was ok, and that we should forget about it, but I knew, for some reason I couldn’t. Suddenly I was curious, and wanted to explore more, but I kept that to myself. We smoked the joint and we both got to our boxers, jumped into bed and cuddled.

Feeling his arm around me with his body pressed against my back somehow turned me on, but I ignored it. Suddenly, I felt his hard on pressing against me, but I did not move. Instead, Jason moved back and apologized. Just then, something came over me. I also moved back into Jason again, feeling his erect penis pressing against me. His arm wondered over my body and pulled me closer towards him. He then began to caress my neck and slowly made his way to my nipples. There he began to squeeze fondle and caress them all at the same time. This sent me into a state of euphoria! I developed a thrusting motion that gently yet passionately rubbed against his dick. I was fully erect at that point.

I then began to slowly manoeuvre myself. So that I was lying on my back Jason still had his arm around me, only this time he was stroking my abs. I was enjoying every moment of this. Just then, I felt his hand move over my semi erect cock, and he began to stroke it over my boxers. I turned to look at him, leaned forward and began to make out. At this point I rolled my body on top of his. Gently I began kissing his neck, and moved down to his smooth chest. My tongue began to lick his nipples while my hand dug into his boxers and began to stroke his 7″ cock.

Our legs were rubbing against each other, my hands were stroking and massaging his balls and my mouth gently sucking, licking and nibbling on his nipples in attempt to give Jason the ultimate pleasure. Slowly I moved down and stripped off his boxers to reveal what at that moment I wanted so bad.

The hardest erection I had ever seen stood tall in front of my face, thicker than I imagined Jason could be, and slightly bent upwards.I began to lick his shaft all round, up and down, tasting the saltiness of his penis. I covered his head with my mouth, swirling my tongue around the mushroom head. I could feel the passion fill the room. Slowly I swallowed his cock, inch by inch, until finally I could feel his neatly trimmed pubes against my nose. Just then, Jason said in a voice I have never heard him use, one so sexy I wanted more of his cock.
“Breathe through your nose baby boy!”

With that I did so, and began moving my head up and down, making his dick go in and out of my mouth, at the same time I was massaging his shaft with my tongue. I could feel the muscles in his legs start to tense, and he began to moan softly. Up and down my head went, with me sucking harder and faster, pausing at the top and licking then nibbling slightly on his head, tasting his pre cum oozing out from the tip. After about ten minutes of this, he stopped me and said he did not want to cum yet. So I began to lick his balls, and he stopped me and said,
“Slow down, its my turn!”

I lay next to him and he climbed on top of me, and began kissing licking and sucking on my neck, whilst maintaining a motion causing his cock to rub against mine. He slowly moved down to my nipples, whilst pinning my hand behind my head. Again he moved down, licking the contours of my abs, and I could see he was enjoying himself, and so was I. By this time my penis was fully erect to 8 & a half inches. My pubes were clean shaven. He held my dick in his hand and squeezed it slightly then began pumping my cock. He stopped then swallowed my cock inch by inch until he almost reached the bottom, but it was too thick. That did not stop him. He too began sucking and licking my cock the way I did his and he massages my balls at the same time. He stopped after 5 minutes and got up. he picked my legs up and began kissing and licking my feet up until my inner thigh. With that he placed my legs over his shoulder, grabbed the lube from the side of the bed and put a bit on his fingers. I was slightly nervous as I did not know what was coming next. Just then, he began sucking my dick harder than before and massaging my hole. I had never felt pleasure this good. It was the best blow job I had ever received. Suddenly I felt a slight sharp pain which was replaced by pleasure as he inserted one finger into my hole, and after a while another and began digging deep into my ass whilst blowing my cock. I was in pure ecstasy. Suddenly he stopped and asked me to lie on my stomach. And I obliged.

I felt him apply a bit more lube to my ass and some to his cock. He then placed it by my ass hole and push in. After every inch he would stop and pump my ass for a bit, and within no time he was fully in. Once in, he wrapped his arms under my shoulders and began pushing up into my ass harder and faster. The pleasure I felt was indescribable. I was enjoying every moment of this. He then stopped and made me kneel on a chair in the room where he came behind me and rammed my hole harder than before. I developed a thrusting motion to that of his. This was amazing! Finally after 10 minutes he stopped and laid me on my back and lift my legs up and began to fuck me. This time he was much slower but his thrusts were deeper and harder, causing MAXIMUM pleasure. Just as he was about to cum he pulled his dick out and, 6 ropes of cum squirted out all over my chest and abs and a few on my face which I whipped off and tasted. The sweet bitter taste was amazing. Jason then licked the cum off my body and whispered in my ear, your turn.

With that he climbed on top of me, lubed up my cock and placed his hole by my dick and began pushing down, riding my cock then pushing down further. It took much longer to get my cock in, but finally it went in. I lifted him slightly off and began to thrust upwards into his ass. Harder and faster. I was horny, and his ass was tight. The look of pleasure on his face was so sexy. We changed positions so the he was lying down with his legs over my shoulder and I began fucking him harder than before. He began to moan louder with every thrust. I began kissing and sucking his neck and fucking him. Finally after 15 minutes I came in his ass. The most I’ve ever cummed in my life. And usually I cum excessively. With my last and final rope I thrusted harder than ever. We smiled at each other, and I pulled my dick out of his ass, with to his hole and sucked out my cum cleaning him. He then pulled me up and we began making out. Swapping the cum and swallowing bit by bit. With cum oozing out or mouth we licked each other faces clean, cuddled and fell asleep.

This truly was the most passionate, sexy and enjoyable sex I had ever had, and it was with a male, and not just any male, but my best friend, and now my one true love. Jason and I till today have a healthy relationship with an excitingly wild n crazy sex life.


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